Daoism-The Balance of Opposites

By: Unique Tang


Imagine a great philosophy discovered more than 2,000 years ago, in ancient China. Is it called Daoism? Did you know that Daoists thought by shunning distractions they could strengthen their life force. Now you are are about to experience the wonders of Daoism.


When the philosophy, Daoism was founded a great man named Laozi was there. He was thought to be the founder of Daoism. But some think that he didn't even exist ! He was the most famous Daoist teacher. When he was born he was already an old man. He was full of knowledge and and wisdom. He wrote the Dao De Jing. The most important text of all Daoism. This philosophy lasted for 2,000 years and is still practiced till this day!

Beliefs and Teachings

Daoists teachings believed they should flow and let things flow out of their lives the natural way. They also believed that their universe was a balance of opposites. Each opposite in harmony with each other. The Yin and Yang. Daoists also believed that they should not interfere with nature because, everything is one. They believed if they would shun distractions, they could strengthen their life force and become immortal. Can you belive that Daoists did not fear death! They did not fear it because it was a part of the eternal cycle.

The Dao

The Dao means the way. The Dao is considered to have gave birth to the universe and everything in the universe. It is also said to drive the earth and everything in it. The Dao is also thought to be the ultimate reality. Daoists also had a mystical relationship with the Dao. They eventually started worshiping the Dao like a god.


What a philosophy! Can you believe it still has followers. Over all these years Daoism is still remembered. It will also be remembered for 100's of years from now.