Observation Reflection

Observing Greeks

Boldness is Key

I have observed over the week we have been here that Greeks are very bold in everything they do. When they are speaking to one another they are not timid and quiet, they are bold and confident in what they have to say. They have a stern look to them and are firm in what they say and how they say it. Greeks can be sweet, but when they interact they are firm in what they say. For example, when Vicki was teaching us to bargain in Greek class, she was telling us to be stern and stay strong in the offer we put forward. When I asked her how to say "no onion" in Greek she told me if it came time and I wasn't confident in the Greek, to get up in his face and say "NO ONION" (yes that was meant to be in all caps because she told me to yell it). I am not a yell in someone's face kind of person, I am more of a be polite and patient kind of person. She is more confident in herself and is not afraid to get in their faces.