1. Erik's first choice is spray painting Paul's eyes.

2. His second choice is Killing Luis, this impacted Paul because Luis was one of his best friends.

3.His third choice that impacted Paul is torturing him and his friends.

4. Another choice that impacted Paul was having his friends call him Eclipse Boy.

5. The last choice Erik made that impacted Paul was Robbing houses in they're neighborhood.


1. Erik spray painting Paul's eyes impacted Paul by making him legally Blind.

2. Erik killing Luis impacted Paul because Luis was one of Paul's best friends.

3. Erik torturing Paul and his friends impacted Paul by scaring him his whole life.

4. Erik having his friends call Paul Eclipse Boy impacted Paul by making him confused about why he was called Eclipse Boy.

5. Erik robbing houses impacted Paul by making him scared.

Text evidence

1. (Pg: #255) "I remember Erik's fingers Prying my eyelids open while Vincent Castor sprayed white paint into them.

2. (Pg: #205) "Arthur reached Luis, turned, and whipped the blackjack around with a loud whack against the side of Luis's head." (Pg: #236) "Luis Cruz is dead."

3. (Pg: #199) "Erik lashed out, smashing the back of his hand across Tino's face."

4. (Pg: #33) "The big kids on the school bus were calling me Eclipse Boy"

5. (Pg: #271) "'These items were stolen by Erik Fisher and Arthur Bauer.'"