The Sun

A eveday sun.

The Sun's question

Have you ever wonder that what would happen if the sun disappear? Maybe when the sun is going to die, and if you don't know what the sun is made of the I will tell you that. I am going to answer these three questions that are on people minds.

What the Sun is made of.

The sun is made up of 8 gases. The 8 gases are called Hydrogen, Helium, Oxygen, Carbon, Nitrogen, Magnesium, Iron, and last Sculpture. These 8 gases make up the sun.

The Three phases of the Sun.

The Sun heath is well right now but evething dies in life and the sun will too, but don't worried because the human race will be extinct before the sun dies! Right now our sun is a young adult so that is why our sun is yellow! The next stage of growth will start to change in to a red color. That means the sun is getting older. The last step in growth of the Sun is a blue color, and a blue star is the hottest stars of all.

Phases of the Sun.

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Answerd Qustion about the sun

What is the Sun disappear!

Yes that will not happened yet but what is it just disappeared? Yes life their would be cold but we would be staving and we would not get the vitamins from the sun we need! Some animals would not live ether! Plantations would start to disappear!

What If The Sun Disappeared?

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