Journeys Journey

By Makayla Foote


Journey has got a star on the Hollywood walk of fame they have also made it in San Francisco on there music hall of fame.They have also got 2 gold albums,8 platinum,and one diamond.
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Journeys origins

They were formed in San Francisco in 1973.Gregg rolie was the original lead singer of Journey. Neal Schon lead guitar,gorge ticker rhythm guitar ,and prairie prince tubes they were also in the band of 1973. They got there first gig at the winterland ballroom on new years eve.

musical accomplishments

some of there accomplishments are they have worldwide album sales total of more than 75 million.there music has been animated for tv shows they have got a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.They are also in the San Francisco hall of fame.
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Fun Facts about journey

-Did you know that Steve Perry sang in commercials.

-Did you know journey held a radio contest to come up with there name for there band and they did not like any of the names people gave.

-Did you know that journey opened the concert for the rolling stones.

-Did you know that before journey was named journey

they were called the golden gate rhythm section.


To this day they are still singing and are on tour now they have gone throw many singers but have pulled it together.And still sound amazing
Journey - Don't Stop Believin' (Audio)