Day 2 Hour 5

Learn To Type

This is something that you do throughout all of technology. Learn To Type is a website that teaches you how to type. It gets a little bit tougher the farther you go on. I don't know why but this is my favorite thing (other than free time) to do in technology.

Explain Everything

This is an app that we had to use on our iPad's. There were multiple math problems that we had to chose from. You have to do the math problem you chose on Explain Everything. While solving the math problem you need to record your voice.


This is something that we did in iMovie. You have to make a trailer about something that happened in your life. To do this you have to take pictures of yourself and add them together to make a trailer.


This is a website that is all about coding. In half of the screen you have your character and in the other half is the coding section. You have to add steps together to complete the puzzle all while trying to use as few blocks as possible. It gets progressively harder as you beat the levels.

Career Locker

This is also a website that you more than likely used in fifth grade. The sixth grade Career Locker it is a completely different website though. It still focuses on your future but it is a lot more complex. You can look at different colleges and look deeper into the jobs. It tells you everything you need to know about the specific job.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is a continuation of Career Locker. You go on an app of the same name and create a presentation of your dream job. You have to explain what degree you need, years in college, and many more.