Leadership in Preschools

Giving Without Walls

The 4th Graders Visit Local Preschools

The 4th Graders at Chesterbrook Academy Elementary School visited the Chesterbrook Preschool in Exton. The students began a new leadership program that left the 4 walls of their building. This program gives them a true meaning of "how to be great leaders."

What did the students do?

The 4th graders met with the 2 Pre-kindergarten classes. They began by reading The Gingerbread Man on their iPads. The 4th graders then taught the Pre-k students how to play a coding game. Once they were done, they helped their partners create a gingerbread boy/girl. They also helped them with their writing. After all of the crafts were completed, the Pre-kindergarten students had a special visit from Chesterbrook Academy's School Mascot.....Chester!!! Chester gave them each a "Future Lion" t-shirt and they had a special snack!

Reading on iPads

Creating our Gingerbread Boys/Girls

Visiting with Chester Claus

Animoto Video

4th Grade Leadership