The Nile River Resort

By: Molly Hughes

When you visit the Nile River Resort,

expect to see lots of water. Every year

between June and September is when

the hotel pool will be open. Sometimes

other visitors will come in our Nile

screaming like crazy, but when you check

in you will receive a complimentary set

of earplugs to block out the sound. Also,

you can use our sana (also called the red

land) from 11:30 to 5:45 and it’s only a short

walk from the hotel.

When you wake up, you can walk (or trot,

slither, prance, ex.) into the next room over

where the lion employees have gathered

breakfast. It includes of grass, bananas,

birds, antelope, and wheat. The bedrooms

consist of a nest, blanket, tunnel in the wall,

and a big burrow/cave.

Every day, for the pups (cubs, foals, ex.) we

host a mud competition for land animals.

What you do is our hippopotamus employees

make a mud puddle. Then, the children have

to jump in and see who gets the dirtiest. And

for the aquatic animals the cranes host a

swimming competition.

Lastly, if you are a monkey visitor, we have naturally grown trees for you to play in! And to add on to that, we have monkey employees that host amazing events! We bet you will have fun!!!

Come stay at the

Nile River Resort!

We guarantee