Outer Space!

Where do meteors come from?

It depends on whether there are rocks in space to become meteors. Where ever rocks are around space, the rocks attach together and make a meteor. There are so many types of meteors and the scientist might not know how many meteors there are. There might be so many being created that the scientist can't even count how many meteors there are or how many will there be.

How fast are meteors?

Well, that can be a tough question for some people but I say that meteors are fast because when meteors attach together, it makes a fire rock and fire is so fast. The reason I know fire is fast because you might want to know that scientist did find out that fire is fast. Meteors are very far away around space so as meteors get down, it gets faster and faster but as it has fire on it then it will automatically go fast. Everything going down must be fast and meteors can zoom faster then you think.

If there is no gravity in space, then how do meteors go down?

That can be a research question. You might want to know the answer. Here is the only answer. Fire is too fast that its faster then anything. Meteors have fire so it can zoom down that it is faster then no gravity. Scientist found out in gravity, fire goes up. Fire is oppisite. So thats the only way meteors go down in space.

This meteor only comes from Outer Space!

There are people in Earth that scoop into the telescope to check if a meteor is coming to Earth. They might be mystery people. If a meteor hits Earth, the World will end. We of course don't want that to happen, do we? Of course not. So lucky we have people to save us. Now thats mystery!

Here is other pictures of planets around Outer Space mystery.

3 big wow pictures!

Solar System!

Well, that is all I know about meteors. Remember, I'm not a scientist.