Newsletter Week 6 Term 1

Lauriston School 16th March 2022

Deputy Principal Message

Digital Citizenship

This year we are implementing a Digital Citizenship programme into our school supported by our BOT. Our facilitator for this programme is Neysa Koizumi who works under the umbrella of Digital Waitaha. We are looking forward to implementing this programme as we give our children the skills and knowledge to navigate an ever changing digital world.

An introduction from Neysa (who is facilitating this programme): With over 20 years of experience as a developer, including roles as a senior architect and lead developer on small and large teams, in the US and New Zealand, Neysa has experience in all aspects of web and application development process. She assumed her coding expertise would be enough to raise her two children to be safe, productive and responsible digital citizens who avoided the dangers of cyberspace. Neysa could not have been more wrong. Her illusion shattered when she discovered her two children were picking up bad habits at a shockingly early age. Consequently, she began to research so she could learn from her mistakes and find solutions. The results of her research, combined with her expertise as an IT professional and experience as a parent, led her to create Raising Digital Citizens, a presentation about raising children in the digital age.

Everything our children do online has the potential to become a part of their digital footprint for everyone to see. Their digital footprint starts at a very young age in today’s increasingly digital world and will undoubtedly influence future job prospects, university entrance and other notable life experiences. Whether we have embraced social media or not, we, as parents, must guide our children's online actions to lead them to become safe, ethical and responsible digital citizens.

At a later date Neysa will share her parent presentation with us, a date to be advised.

STOP, BLOCK and TALK® - Part of the programme which will be implemented into Lauriston School.

We’re now quite familiar with SLIP SLOP SLAP WRAP and Make It Click. Lately we are coming to grips with MASK, SCAN, PASS. And here’s another mantra for us all: STOP BLOCK TALK. As for the others, STOP, BLOCK & TALK® is all about keeping us safe and healthy, the point of difference being online safety and mental health. STOP, BLOCK & TALK® is a proven strategy for our tamariki to deal with unwanted online interaction and online abuse. Our children live in the age of online technology. Google is the modern encyclopaedia and the way they interact with their friends differs from that of anyone over the age of 30 used to. The older generation are still coming to grips with social media. STOP, BLOCK & TALK® is a proven strategy to develop confidence and stay safe online, for all ages. Many Mid Canterbury school children have already heard of STOP, BLOCK & TALK® through sessions held at their schools. Lauriston school children will get their chance on the 21st of March. The Digital Waitaha Charitable Trust wants all Canterbury children as well as their parents/grandparents/caregivers/whānau to embrace this easy-to-teach mantra.

Next week Neysa will start her first session with every classroom. Before we start, there is a parent survey that would be very helpful to us if you could take the time to fill this out.

A message from Neysa: Kia ora whānau. Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. With your help we will gather information about digital technology use and concerns to develop programs that promote the responsible, ethical, and safe use of digital devices.

Here is the link to the parent survey Parent Survey 2022

For our Year 5/6 children they will be filling out a survey in class about their technology use.

Here is the survey the Year 5/6 children will fill out in class for your reference Student Survey 2022

If you have any questions about this programme please get in touch with your child’s classroom teacher.

Georgina Turpie

COVID 19 Support and Update

Wellbeing for tamariki and whānau

Our community is impacted not only by COVID-19 but also by events in the Ukraine, rising living costs and ongoing job uncertainty. As a reminder our health colleagues have provided the following information for supporting wellbeing for tamariki and whānau. Resources on Leading Lights/Stronger Schools continues to provide updated information to help teachers address wellbeing concerns that tamariki and whānau may have. You will find specific information on supporting children during the pandemic and talking with children about the war in the Ukraine.

The Mana Ake website for whānau provides advice and support for whānau and links to local resources. Mana Ake kaiārahi and kaimahi continue to be available to support your kura and whānau. As health workers all kaimahi have to meet the same vaccination requirements as school staff and will be wearing surgical masks for all contacts. Kaimahi are offering more drop-in advice and guidance sessions for whānau by phone or zoom and are available to support tamariki when whānau are isolating at home, as well as in school.

Te Whiri Ora provides a single point of entry, support and navigation of services for tamariki and their whānau who are vulnerable and needing support from more than one agency or service to address multiple needs. The website includes information about the staff involved in the co-ordination service and most importantly the ability for whānau, or others who are assisting them, to make a request for support.

There are also new resources available for talking with children about the war in Ukraine


A very warm welcome to Jeremy and Jessica who have enrolled their son Austin Marshall to Lauriston School. Austin joined the Mt Hutt class as a year 3 student on Monday. We wish you all a long and happy association with Lauriston School.

Bring on the Presents

Our best wishes go out to Archer Stone who turned 6 on Sunday - we hope you had a wonderful day!

Foodwrap Fundraiser

We still have the following available if anyone needs some:

Catering Foil 440 x 150mtrs - 2

Catering Foil 300 x 150mtrs - 3

Catering Film 330 x 600mtrs - 3

Catering Film 330 x 300mtrs - 3

Baking Paper 300 x 100mtrs - 2

Upcoming Events

  • Mufti & Crazy Sock Day - Monday 21st March
  • Wheels Day - Friday 25th March
  • BOT Meeting - Monday 28th March
  • End of Term 1 for Students - Wednesday 13th April
  • Teacher Only Day - Thursday 14th April
  • Beginning of Term 2 - Monday 2nd May

Mufti and Crazy Sock Day - Monday 21st March

Hello, I'm Gabbie and I am in Mt Winterslow, this year I am completing my silver badge ready challenge. One of my challenges is to be enterprising, so I have decided to organise a mufti and crazy sock day in support of a friend of ours who will come to Lauriston school.

Monday 21st March is World Down Syndrome Day. We are helping support the Canterbury Down Syndrome Association by getting noticed and starting a conversation by wearing odd, bright or crazy socks.

We would love for you to bring along a gold coin to go towards the Canterbury Down Syndrome Assocation. The CDSA is a non-profit organisation who's mission is to help enchance the participation of people with Down Syndrome in their community, this includes one of our local tamariki Greta.

What does it mean for Greta to have Down Syndrome? It means she was born with an extra chromosome which is what our bodies are made of. Chromosomes help your body grow and learn, having an extra one makes some things a little harder for Greta to learn or understand but she is just like any of us in lots of ways. She loves books, music and playing with her older brother. We are all so different and that’s what makes the world fun! We should be friends with all different types of people, even if they don’t act or look like us.

World Down Syndrome Day is all about creating a voice to help advocate for the rights, inclusion and well being of people with Down Syndrome.

Vision Map & Toilet Feedback

Please keep an eye out for a survey that will come out later in the week re the vision map and toilet feedback. many thanks to the families that have already touched base with Colin as to how they can support this vision to becoming a reality.

Mt Alford Happenings

We had such a fun day on Friday at our triathlon, we had been busy practising all week in preparation for the big day. We started off with our swim display in the pool showing off all our practise this term. Then we transitioned to our bikes. It was tricky to put our shoes on. We biked around the field which was so much fun. The final part was to run all the way to the cricket ground and then run around it. It was so cool when we crossed the finish line.

Our favourite parts:

Lachlan: I liked the biking because I went super fast.

Millie: I liked the running because I came in 2nd place.

Tilly: My favourite part was when we did the running I got 3rd place.

Amelia: I liked the swimming, I liked doing the kicking.

Leo: I liked the swimming and kicking with no board.

Our class certificates this week:

Leo Biehler for doing a great job of writing his name.

Tilly Marshall for listening carefully to the sounds in words.

Big picture

Mt Harper Happenings

Mt Harper has been working incredibly hard on their writing. We have been developing a lot more independence to sound out unfamiliar words on our own, listening for those key sounds. We are expanding on our ideas to make our stories longer and more interesting.

We had so much fun at the triathlon last week. Everyone took part and tried their best. We loved having our families come to watch and cheer us on. A big thank you to Miss Twiss for organising an amazing event.

I liked how we did mountain biking, swimming and running - Dallas

At the triathlon I liked the ice block at the end - Lachie

I liked doing the running - Fergus

The biking was fun and the ice block was yummy - Olivia

I liked doing the bike ride and going around the field twice - Natalie

Big picture

Mt Hutt Happenings

It was a fun filled week here in Mt Hutt last week as we prepared for our school Triathlon! It took lots of practice but we did it! We had to put all of our swimming skills together and we had to walk laps of the bike track so we would know where to go. On the day we felt nervous and excited. We got to have an iceblock at the end!

In class we have also been looking at what fruit trees need to grow and how we can look after our fruit trees in our orchard to help the fruit grow.

A big congratulations to Archie and Maddie who received our class certificates this week for the determination they apply to everything they do! Mt Hutt would also like to welcome our new member Austin, who is joining our year three cohort.

Mt Winterslow (Opihako)Happenings

Lauriston School Triathlon

Mt Winterslow (Opihako) thoroughly enjoyed participating in our Lauriston School Triathlon last

Friday. All participants represented their school, their parent’s/whanau and themselves with kaha (strength) and mana (pride). It was impressive to see our student’s display our READY values on the day, by showing respect and consideration towards other participants, keeping within the boundaries, taking responsibility for their belongings, ensuring they are equipped for the day, setting personal goals and overcoming challenges, showing determination, and trying to the best of their ability to complete the triathlon.

We would like to acknowledge the hard work and effort that Miss Twiss put into organizing our very first Lauriston School Triathlon. We would also like to acknowledge all of our super parent helpers on the day. We loved seeing our parents and having them come along to support us. Finally, I would like to acknowledge Mt Winterslow place getters. Congratulations Wilbur Cairns (1st place), Sam Honeywell (2nd place), James McNally (3 d place). Annabel Maw (1st place), Gabbie Duckmanton (2nd place), Honor Rooney (3rd place). Autaia koe! You are a champion!

Mt Winterslow Certificate Recipients

Congratulations to the following student’s: Miriam Menefy recipient of Mt Winterslow’s Super

Reader Award, for the most amount of time spent reading on Epic. Ezekiel Sy for consistently

displaying an Excellent Responsible Attitude to all his learning, both in the classroom as well as at home.

Ka Mau te Wehi! Awesome! Fantastic!

Big picture

Mt Somers


Finally the day we had been waiting for had arrived. It was Friday - triathlon day! Our class was up first, so at 9am we headed to the pool and the race was on. We swam our two lengths in waves of 3 or 4, scrambled out of the pool and ran to our bikes that were ready for us on the court. Goggles off. Shoes, shirts and helmets on. Then we were running with our bikes to the footy field where an awesome bike track had been set up. Hazard tape flapped and crackled in the wind as we pedaled hard to do our 6 laps. We all made it round in record time, with no crashes, although some of us may have done an extra lap. Legs burning, we jumped off our bikes and ran through the gap behind the PE Shed, heading for the cricket field and our 3 lap run. All of us finished in just under 20 minutes, and feeling exhausted but super proud of our effort, we gulped water and enjoyed a refreshing ice block as we cooled down. A huge thank you to Miss Twiss and all the teachers who helped organise the day, and to our parents who helped on the track or supported us.

Potato Feast

Yesterday we cooked ourselves a potato feast with some of the potatoes from our class garden. We had decided on six recipes, made our shopping lists and checked that we had all the equipment we needed last week. So we were all ready to cook on Monday morning. Each group had their turn in the kitchen and delicious smells started wafting out. By lunchtime everything was ready to eat and we feasted on potato bake, hash browns, stuffed potatoes, potato boulangere, potato gnocchi and boston buns. The cleaning up wasn’t as much fun as the cooking, but we worked well in our teams and enjoyed all the yummy dishes. We had such a good crop of potatoes that we have plenty left to bag up and put in our farm shop.

Spud In A Bucket

A reminder to have these dropped inside the school gate beside the pool for collection Thursday and Friday morning. Please make sure they are clearly marked with child's name, age and school.

Rakaia Netball Registrations

Rakaia Netball Club Registrations and Pre-season Training dates are set! Go to the sporty page to register now for years 3-8, High School, Social and Premier 3 (coached by Tanya Jackways). Interested in coaching, umpiring or helping in any way please get in touch.

Mt Hutt Local Season Passes

Mt Hutt Local School Season Pass FAQS


The deadline for purchasing your Mt Hutt Local School Pass is Thursday the 31st of March, with sales closing at 5pm. After this time, the link to purchase will no longer be available online.


You can purchase your season pass for ages 7 & under via our website The 7 and under season pass is available free of charge and can be purchased at any time, providing lift access to all NZSki mountains.


Profile pictures can be taken on your child’s first day on the mountain. If your child had their picture taken last year and still has their pass, they’re ready to head straight to the lifts!


If your child has never had a pass before, or you can’t find your pass from last year, you can collect a new pass from us. We recommend popping in to visit us at the Mt Hutt office at 94 Main Street, Methven, pre-season to avoid early season queues, otherwise you can collect from Guest Services on the mountain. Please note that in the week up to opening day our Methven Office will not be manned from the 3rd of June, as we will have moved our operations to the mountain.


Yes! You can upgrade to the 3 Peak pass at the same rate you purchased your Mt Hutt pass provided you upgrade before the 31st of July 2022. For example, if you purchased at early bird rate, you can upgrade to 3 Peak Pass at the earlybird price until the 31st of July. After this time, in-season rates apply for any upgrades. The 3 Peak Pass and Mt Hutt pass are on sale at the super early bird rate until the 11th of November early bird prices until March the 31st, 2022.