Rich Hill Review

By Katie OBrien


This documentary's purpose was to show how hard it is to live, and grow up in poverty.


The Purpose of the documentary Rich Hill was to show that how hard it to be in a situation where there is not enough money in your family to pay for bills. Through out the documentary there is each kid shows that even with the struggle they still manage to be positive and have a good outlook on life. Andrew shows that even when you move a lot or have no money to pay for hot water you can still be able to have an outlook that isn't negative. Appache shows us that even when mental problems are nagging us down there is a bright side and a way t get through even if you have to leave your family for a little bit. Harley taught the audience that no matter what is wrong with your life family is the most important thing.


This documentary helped impact people who forget about the others who have less than they do. We often forget how privileged we are because the lack of representation that those people get. This documentary shows the side of life that we don't want to think about. It show the hardships that we don't go through but others do on an everyday basis. This documentary changes peoples mind on how people who don't have money can be the nicest people out there.