Friday Flash


Calendar Of Events

March 22- Fundraiser Delivery

March 23- Birthday Friday/$1 jeans

March 30- Holiday/No School

April 10-11 5th grade STAAR, 4th Grade Writing STAAR

From The Principal

Flag Pole Dedication

A special thank you to American Legion Post 111 for the beautiful flag and pole. Thank you to Ms. Reid and Mrs. Milam planning of our flag dedication.

Social Media and Children

Sometimes it can be hard to stay on top of all of the new apps our children download. Here are a few apps that you may want to know more about and monitor if your child has them on their devices.

From the Nurse

Earn a jean pass for Friday, March 23rd!

Donate any of the following needed supplies to the nurse's office for a jean pass:

Disinfecting wipes

Saltine crackers

Zip lock bags (all sizes)

Undergarments (all sizes)

Hand Sanitizer (all sizes)

Thank you for your support!

Nurse Thorpe

Counselor Corner

Asking for Clarification

Many negative behaviors result from misunderstandings and poor communication. Teaching your child how to seek clarification can help resolve that ambiguity.

  • Look at the person.
  • Ask if the person has time to talk. Don't interrupt.
  • Use a pleasant or neutral tone of voice.
  • Specifically state what you are confused about. Start with, "I was wondering if...." or "Could I ask...?"
  • Listen to the other person's reply and acknowledge their answer.
  • Thank them for their time.