The Roman Update

Brutus and Antony speak on the death of Caesar

Brutus and an explanation

Brutus claimed to the crowd that he had done what he had was to save Rome. He stated that he did care for Caesar, but he cares for his country more. He says how he saw Caesar as becoming too hungry for power.

"would you rather Caesar be living, and you all die as slaves, than that Caesar be dead and you all live as free men?" Brutus asked the crowd. He asked who was so slow, they would prefer to live as a slave?

Brutus saw Caesar as ambitious, and it was that reason that he had to kill Caesar. If he hadn't, Caesar would have run the country into the ground. Who would be so low, to allow that to happen, and doesn't take pride in their roman country?

Antony speaks about Caesar

When Brutus finished his speech, Antony came up... He told people how he was there to bury Caesar, not to praise him. He said that Brutus called Caesar ambitious, and if he was ambitious, than he has paid a terrible price for it. How could Caesar be ambitious, when he wept along with the poor, and has refused the crown not once, but three times.

But, Brutus has said that Caesar was ambitious, and Brutus is an honorable man. Antony state that he wasn't attempting to disprove what Brutus had said, but to speak what he knows. He says "you all loved him once... What keeps you from mourning his death now? My heart is in the coffin with him."

And after all of this, the crowd has had their eyes opened, and have been awakened. Shouting and agreeing then occurred. It seemed like people were about to riot. Shouts of "He said he refused the crown!" And "what he says makes sense!" And much more. Antony has spoken, and awoken the people.