Backround (Lifestyle)

Giorgione was born in Castelfranco, Italy and spent most of his life in Venice, Italy. He moved to Venice at a very early age. He then joined Gioeanni's workshop where he stayed for most of his life. He painted many pictures and also decorated a few building with his artwork.

Education and Training

Giorgione was a pupil of Gioeanni Bellini and shared a a studio with Catena. He also worked in Doge's Palace and did Frescoes for Fondcce dei Tedeschi. Giovani Bellini was his patron.

Type of Art

Giorgione did paintings throughout his lifetime. A few examples of his painting are the Adortion of Kings, the Judgement of Solomo, and the Judgement of the baby Moses by Fire along with many more.


Giogion's work linked most closely to naturalism and humanism. He relates to naturalism because he achieved his paintings through his use of color, light, and atmosphere. He also painted many pictures of landscapes. He relates to humanism because the theme of his paintings coordinate with an Arcadian harmony of human elements.

Big image
The name of this piece is Ecce Hommo and was created in 1543.

Where the Painting is Found

The Ecce Homo has been in more than one museum. The Ecce Homo was in J. paulo Getty museum and got moved to the National museum in Warsaw, Poland.

Significants and Techniques

The Ecce Homo provided a better understanding to Giorgione's animated syle and confident technique. Girorgione used virtuoso brushwork and had energy and a quick style of painting.

What I see in the Painting

There are a lot pf people in this painting along with a sky in the background. What first catches my eye is a man wearing a bright red cloak. There are also a lot of weapons in this painting. I found this piece very interesting because there is a lot going on and I like to look at everything and find details that I did not see initially.

"Isms" in this painting

I found that humanism was most closely linked to this piece. I found this because there are a lot of poeple in this painting and the people are the things most focused on in the painting.


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