The Hunting Ground Analysis

Edgar Rodriguez


College students are fighting against their college to help sexual assault from happening on campus. With the three effective elements of ethos, pathos, and logos the documentary "The Hunting Ground" is effective in informing the audience about this topic.

Defining the Purpose

The purpose of this film is to help open the eyes of the people that sexual assaults happening a lot on colleges campus and the colleges don't do nothing about it. Another message the documentary was trying to get out their are for the people that have been sexual assault not feel that they are alone. The main purpose for this documentary was to help and stop sexual assault form happening on college campus everywhere.

Achieving the Purpose

One of the examples that was used in the documentary "The Hunting Ground" was ethos. Ethos was used having the college officials talking about ho they deal with all the sexual assaults that happen on their campus. The students telling their own stories is an other way ethos was used. The second example that was used was pathos. Showing the college students crying and seeing the emotions they are having when talking about the sexual assault or just thinking about it uses pathos. Showing photographs of some of the college students is another way this documentary had pathos. The final example this documentary had was logos. The documentary gave us a lot of information about how the college students get sexual assaulted. More than 16% of college women are sexually assaulted. 88% of women that are sexually assaulted don't report.


After watching "The Hunting Ground" I feel that colleges have to do better to help and make all their students feel safe being on campus. It made me feel not want to go to any of those colleges that where in the documentary. It showed me that some colleges care more about their image then the students that are their on campus.