The first time

When I was three my dad took me hunting with some family friends. We got out there and my dad told us that we came out here to go hunting. After that night we went hunting in the morning we saw some deer but they were too small so I did not shoot anything. I was kind of disapointed but my dad promised I would shoot one next year

The Shot

The shot is one of the most fun parts ,butit is also the most challenging parts you have to hit it in a small part of the neck to get it down first shot. I was four when i shot my first deer it is kind of nerve recking aiming and, squezzing the trigger slowly I got it down first shot I was really lucky and, excited. the deer I shot that day was a white tail spike. I knew from that day that I loved hunting.

Dressing the Deer

Dressing the deer aka: gutting the deer is very disturbing. First you hang it up then you take a kinfe to it. I know this is kind of weird but we see who can skin it the fastest. My record is 10 minutes it is strangly amusing ,but dont let people tell you it is not nasty all of the blood and, organs the steam coming off of it if you get sick to your stomach easily never watch some one gut anything.

Why I Still Hunt

I still hunt because it helps the enviorment because the deer are over populaited  but, also none of the animal goes to waste we use every part. I love to hunt and, always will nobody will ever change that. I am moving on from just deer to new animals like hogs dcks and, dove. I love hunting and, always will