Falcon Flyer

November 4-9 2019

Upcoming Events

Nov. 7th: Thanksgiving Feast Pre-sale tickets starts; Canned Food Drive Contest Starts

Nov. 7th: School Board Meeting 6:00 PM

Nov. 8th - PTL serving Sno-cones during lunch

Nov. 9th: Boys Basketball Practice, 11-1, Kukral Gym

Nov. 11-15: Corporal Works of Mercy Canned food contest

Nov. 15: Canned food drive contest ends at noon

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Dear Parents:

As many of you know, we have experienced a myriad of Renweb issues this year. We are very sorry for this inconvenience and the issues that it has caused. Please rest assured that our campus is working diligently to try and resolve these issues, but unfortunately, the issue is on Renweb's end, and until they have their program configured properly, there isn't much we can do on our end. Today, we attempted to send a school-wide email via Renweb, and as most of you probably experienced, the email was blank. We tried again, and hopefully you are able to read this now because you accessed the link! We are praying so! As we continue to work through these issues, we ask for your patience and understanding. Our school is required to use this program for our billing, SIS, and communication needs, and as we move towards implementing this program more for our campus needs (billing, communication, disciplinary records, etc.), we ask for your continued understanding.

Pumpkin Pick-Up

Please have all pumpkins picked up by this Friday, November 8. All pumpkins not picked up by the end of the school day on Friday will be discarded.

Steps for Students is Ready!

Enrollment is open for STEPS for STUDENTS! As of right now, Our Lady of Fatima Texas City holds the top spot for donations! We are already at $30,000 thanks to a generous donation by The Knights of Columbus! HUGE THANKS TO THEM!

Please click on the link and register for Steps for Students. Remember that ALL students are required to register, however, the way the school makes money is by (1)registration and (2) having people donate to YOUR page! More contest rules for the homerooms and individual students who raise the most money will go out after the holiday break. For now, we are simply asking that all of our families get registered!

Dress Code Compliance

Please make sure that scholars are arriving to school every day in approved dress code.

If there are ever any questions as to what is correct dress please refer to our Fatima Website and the Student Handbook. Please remember that as the weather gets cooler, students are asked to wear a FATIMA jacket. Non-uniform jackets will be allowed outside, but in the classrooms, students will be asked to take non-uniform approved jackets off. If you need to purchase a Fatima jacket or hoodie, please visit our school uniform shop at French Toast or our online Spirit Store at Squadlocker.

Parents who routinely bring their scholars out of dress code will be called and asked to bring dress code compliant items.

Uniform Return

The front office has "loaned out" numerous uniform pieces to scholars this nine weeks for various reasons. Due to this, our supply of emergency uniforms is now depleted. If you have any of these pieces we would appreciate their return. Additionally, if you have any uniform pieces that your scholar no longer can wear, we would appreciate any and all donations to our uniform shop.

Vision & Hearing Screening

All odd level grade scholars (1st, 3rd, 5th etc.) will have vision and hearing screening this Friday, November 8th. This is a required health screening and is being provided by Christus Health Services.

Thanksgiving Feast

Friends of Fatima will be providing our Thanksgiving Feast on Thursday, November 21st. We are asking each family to provide one to two desserts to be served with the meal. (for example: individually baked cookies, pie slices, etc.) Please turn in desserts to the front office November 18th-20th.

All families are welcome to join their scholars for lunch. Pre-sale tickets will go on sale Thursday, November 7th until Friday, November 15th. Scholar meals are $5 and adult meals are $8. November 15th is the ABSOLUTE last day to order a meal. There will be NO meals sold the day of the feast. An informational flyer and order form went home this week.

Attendance Matters!

Habitual tardiness and excessive absences can impede school performance. As our school year rolls into the second nine weeks, here are just a few reminders about attendance:

  • Tardiness is neither excused or unexcused. Scholars must be in morning assembly by 7:45. If a scholar arrives after 7:45 they are considered tardy.

  • If your scholar has been absent 3 consecutive days for illness, a doctor's note is required upon their return to school.

  • Students absent 10% of the school year must submit a letter to the Attendance Team stating the reason for absences. Students may not receive credit for the school year if they miss 10% of the year, unless the absences are approved by the Attendance Committee. Starting in 2019-2020, the Catholic Schools Office is requiring all students who are absent more than 10% to be reported. (Directly from the CSO office)

The School Board will be reviewing the Attendance and Tardy policies at our school board meeting this week to better support the strategic plan for excellence in all things, including school attendance.


Our first Corporal Works of Mercy incentive--Feed the Hungry--kicks off this week. An informational flyer goes home today. Here are the guidelines:

- Homerooms will compete against one another to see who can bring in the most canned goods.

- Scholars may bring in non-expired canned goods anytime during the week.

- Winning homeroom will be proportionate to the number of kids and cans in each class.

(ie: scholars : cans)

- The winning homeroom will get a popcorn party the last 30 minutes of class on Wednesday, November 20th

-All canned goods will be donated to SVDP ministry.

BE ALERT! (1 Peter 5:8)

The Bible says "to be alert and of sober mind. The Devil prowls around like a lion looking for someone to devour." (1 Peter 5:8). Where God is moving, you can always be certain that Satan is moving too....prowling around looking for ways to create division, chaos, and strife. Chaos and strife....fear.... these are all tools that Satan uses to create division in a place where God is looking to anoint. The Bible also says that we do not battle against each other but against the principalities of evil. Gossip, judgement, unforgiveness, slander, lies....these are all tools of Satan that he uses to take what is good and make it bad.

None of us are perfect. We are all human--full of mistakes, imperfectly perfect in our flaws. But as Christians, we are held to a higher standard. Right is Right. And Wrong is Wrong. As a Christian campus the expectation is that our conduct---on and off campus-- reflects that of Christ, as much as we are humanly able to do. "As iron sharpens iron," so too must we sharpen each other and hold each other accountable for things we do and say. To not do so is an injustice to each other as fellow believers.

Part of that accountability is our Christian Code of Conduct found, not just in our handbook, but in many handbooks across the Archdiocese. This Code of Conduct is a check for all of us to take inventory of ourselves and those around us, and to hold ourselves and each other, accountable for what we say and do. As members of the Our Lady of Fatima community, the expectation is that we all abide by and adhere to our handbook.

Christian Code of Conduct

Christian behavior and respect shall be observed during any verbal and nonverbal communication at all levels within the school community (including parents and staff). The following actions will be termed in violation of Christian charity and may result in dismissal from the school:

  • Public criticism of school personnel, policies, or procedures or ANY behavior which does not promote the school in a positive manner (this includes social media sites).
  • Threats, implied or actual, of any nature toward personnel or families.
  • Verbal/nonverbal acts of aggression including yelling, screaming, pushing, etc.
  • Public discussion/generation of rumors about students, family matters, staff, faculty, or procedures or ANY behavior which does not promote the school in a positive manner
  • Consistent and persistent disagreement with the administration or teacher policies. Rules are established to maintain order, provide a faith-based religious education, and teach strong academics.
  • Blatant disregard to follow and support the requirements and expectations of all handbook policies.

If you feel that you are unable to follow our campus Christian Code of Conduct, or if you have any concerns, you are encouraged to set up a conference with the principal to discuss your concerns. It is important that we partner together for unity, love, and acceptance on our campus, and fight against strife, chaos, and fear. Our Lady of Fatima, Pray for Us!

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