Badminton 101

Andrea Padilla & ana aguilera

Who invented the game? When and where was it invented?

Duke of Beaufort was the one who officially introduced the game to England in 1873. The modern history of badminton began in India known as Poona.

How is the badminton court similar to and different from pickleball?

Badminton court is similar to pickleball because it has the service center line and it also has the side line for singles/side line for doubles. It differs by size because badminton court seems smaller than pickleball.

What are the shots used in badminton?

List three interesting facts about badminton

Badminton facts

  1. To win a set you must score 21 points and be ahead by 2
  2. If there is any fault point goes to opponent
  3. You can play as singles or doubles