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November9-13, 2015

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Here's What We Are Learning

Reading Workshop

This week during reading workshop we reviewed the plot mountain and then began to practice stopping to notice and note "AHA moments" in the text. We practiced noticing when character's change and how this might change the story that we are reading. We found in the story, One and Only Ivan, Ivan changed a lot in the chapters we were reading. Next week, we will continue to focus on character development with the story, Molly's Pilgrim.
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Writing Workshop

This week during writing workshop we took what we learned from the plot mountain as readers, and found ways that we could use this as authors. We decided this would be great to help us pre-write our stories. We realized that authors may use this when they are writing a narrative text. Once we were done plotting the elements of our story, we began our rough draft. We will continue this next week.

Math Workshop

We continued to work on measuring the area and perimeter of shapes this week. We used unifix cubes, our bodies, and word problems to help us with this. We took the assessment on Friday. Next week we will begin multiplication.

Documenting our knowledge and thinking...

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Inquiry Time- Minecraft Communities

This week during our inquiry time we finished up our Minecraft communities and began publishing the tours on Youtube. Once we have all of our tours uploaded to Youtube, we will share them with you.
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Parent Information

We had a special visitor, Savannah's grandpa, at our Veteran's Day program.

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Lunch for this coming week

Specials for the week

Monday- Art

Tuesday- Music