Mrs. Miskelley's Dream Team News

September 28, 2015

October 22 - 50’s Day in First Grade

All first grade students will spend the day learning

about life in the 1950’s.

We encourage everyone to dress-up

in your favorite 50’s apparel!

Bring out those poodle skirts, scarves, bobby sox,

blue jeans and leather jackets!

More info to come soon.

Learning Targets

Learning targets are short terms goals that reflect what the students should know and be able to do. They originate from our first grade curriculum. Your kids know that we use the target symbol so that we are able to decide if we "hit the mark" with our learning. The purpose of the learning targets is to be sure that students understand what they are supposed to be learning and how to demonstrate their learning.

This week some of our learning targets include:


I can look for small words inside of bigger words.

I can use my schema to help me understand what I am reading.


I can write a story using small moments in my life.


I can add numbers together by counting on from the bigger number.

I can tell the difference between odd and even numbers.


(RF1.4, RL1.2) We’ll focus on both fluency (reading books and passages at a just right reading rate), and comprehension- (summarizing a story using the most important information).


(W1.3; L.1.2a & b) We are writing personal narratives using small moments from our everyday lives. We will read aloud a variety of fiction books to springboard our writing.


(1.0A.B.3, A.7, A.2, D.7, NBT.A.1, ) Using math strategies to add is our current focus. This week our focus is “doubles”. We’ll continue to work on solving word problems as well. We will continue using our number bonds to help us with addition.

WOW Words







Good Citizen

Avery is our good citizen this week.

She always does

her best, and she encourages

others to do the same.

She truly enjoys helping her friends in class.

Mission Statement

The mission of Trussville City Schools is to educate all students using high standards in a safe,nurturing environment fostering academic and career competencies that prepare them to be productive citizens.

Our vision is to help students move forward on a positive path toward college and career readiness.