Romeo and Juliet

made by : joi Jackson

Summative : Part 1

Due to Juliet and Romeo's death , Its the feuds fault because they couldn't become civil to the point where Romeo and Juliet couldn't see each other or even be known as Mr. and Mrs. so they felt the need to kill themselves , because they couldn't be happily in love . In the passage in Act III, Scene V ; Juliet tries to talk to someone who understands her but all of a sudden they turn on her . In this passage supporting that her closes friend turned on her . Juliet's nurse says , "Romeo's a dishclout to him : him an eagle , madman , Hath not so green , so green, so quick , so fair an eye as Paris hath . Breshrew my very heart , I think you are happy in this second match , for it excels your first is dead ; or 'twere as good he were, as living here and you no use of him ... " she basically is saying Romeo is isn't the man Juliet should marry because of his worth in life VS. Paris which is the dream guy he's handsome and kind hearted . So that's the reason why Juliet feels the need to take her life .


The song Rude by Magic fits Romeo and Juliet super well because the instead they asked Friar Laurence , who marries them because their families don't like Romeo and Juliet actually get married but secretly so that their family won't have a huge feue in the passage Juliets nurse says " Then hie you hence to Friar Laurence' cell: There stays a husband to make you a wife: Now comes the wanton blood up in your cheeks , ... " that is when they are moments before they get married . When Juliet meets up with Friar Laurence and Romeo to get married Friar Laurence starts to have doubts for their marriage in scene VI he says , " These violent delights have violent ends , And in their triumph die , ... " basically what he is saying is that Romeo and Juliet's happiness may be good and exciting but to their families its bad and it can cause bad violence .


The movie Titanic fits well with the passage Romeo and Juliet , in the movie two cross lovers meet and fall in love . Rose playing the girl tries to commit suicide by jumping off the head the boat because she isn't happy in life being that her mom is strict and she is being forced to marry a man she is not in love with just because her mom likes him and he is rich . Jack playing the man comes and saves her ... instantly they begin having feelings for each other and honor in Jack Rose invites jack to dinner introducing him to her mom which her mom doesn't approve . I picked this movie because Rose and Jack are cross lovers like Romeo and Juliet . After Rose met jack they secretly spent a lot of time together .In Act II , scene II Romeo confess their love and want to get married in Act II , Scene III romeo tells friar laurence that he loves her and wants to get married secretly . Later at the end romeo and juliet together .... in Titanic at the end Jack dies sacrificing his life for Rose by freezing to death but rose wanted to die with him because she loved him so much ...