October, 2015


How can you help your child with their Mindset?

One way that you as a parent can really help your children is by carefully choosing the words that you use when you praise them. Every word you say and action you take tells your children how to think about themselves. Instead of praising your child's accomplishments, think about praising their effort. See below for some examples.

Do Not Say... You are really athletic! Do Say... You really work hard and pay attention on the field.

Do Not Say... You are so smart! Do Say... You work hard in school and it shows!

Do Not Say... You are a great artist! Do Say... You are really putting great effort in your drawing.

Do Not Say... You are a great athlete! You could be the next Pele! Do Say... Keep practicing and you will see great results!

Do Not Say... You always get good grades. Do Say... When you put forth effort, it shows in your grades. You should be so proud of yourself. We are proud of you.

Do Not Say... You aren't good at math, just like I wasn't. Do Say... Math can be challenging but don't give up, keep putting forth effort into understanding it.

So the next time you are getting ready to praise your child, think about how you can praise their effort toward their accomplishment instead of their accomplishment.

To learn more check out the videos below!

Carol Dweck - A Study on Praise and Mindsets
Three Ways to a Growth Mindset

4th Grade

Language Arts

As a class all 4th graders are reading the book Wonder. As a small group we are reading the book Out of My Mind. The books that we are reading this quarter all relate to the essential question of "How do we overcome obstacles?" As we read and discuss we are not only able to have meaningful discussions in our small groups but also as a class since all the books relate to the same themes. Students are able to make connections across books. As we have been reading, we are making sure to focus on making sure to support our ideas and thoughts with evidence from the text. We focused on character analysis, character comparisons, theme, point of view, and summarizing. As our culminating project students will be learning about Taking Action by creating Public Service Announcements that support one of the themes of the books they have read in class.


Students are currently working on a project called “Summer Travels” that covers the objectives they are currently learning in class. In “Summer Travels” students are hired to plan an itinerary for a family and calculate the cost of the trip, while remaining within budget. Students calculate the cost of flights, hotel room options, and a meal plan for the family’s vacation. Then, students analyze a variety of excursions to create a three-day itinerary for the family. After gathering this information, students analyze and re-examine excursion choices to ensure the trip is within budget. Finally, students have to write a letter to the family outlining every aspect of their vacation. They must defend their decisions by using mathematical thinking and reasoning. Students are to work on this both when they are with me and when they are done with their classwork in class.

5th Grade

Language Arts

As a class all 5th graders are reading the book A Long Walk To Water. As a small group we are not only discussing what is happening in the book, but the students are learning more about the events that took place in Sudan during the time periods they are reading about in the book. In addition they are also learning about current refugee issues around the world. Currently, students are focusing on understanding what it means to Take Action and learning about all the different ways that we can take action. They are getting ready to work in small groups and create a Take Action proposal that they will present to their fellow 5th graders. Together, we can make a difference!
The Worlds Largest Lesson


Students will be beginning a project called "What's the Exchange Rate?" that covers the objectives they are currently learning in class. Students will be choosing any country of their choice, making sure to research the currency and exchange rate of that country. They will use the knowledge they have gained to create and solve a global word problem and present their information both written and verbally.