Catawba Elementary Library News!

LOL-Love Our Library!

Library Happenings! August-November 2013

We are off to a busy but great year in our Media Center! Check out our new Smore to see some sample lessons, circulation statistics, our Media Center in the news, and upcoming events! Thank you for your support and students remember to Read, Read, Read!!


Top Five Homerooms!

Homeroom & Total Circulations

1. Lowman 915

2. Chamberlain 697

3. Sipes 631

4. Irvin 589

5. Pesce 556

Other Statistics...

Circulations: 11,781 items

Holds for staff/students: 21

Magazine Check Outs: 71

Interlibrary Loan: 52 items

Items Weeded: 188

New Items Processed: 241

Number of Classes Taught: 82 Library Orientation Classes and 58 collaborative lessons

Number of Technology Issues Handled: 61

Number of Work Orders Submitted: 40

In-Service Trainings Given: 2-1 on WebPath Express and Destiny and 1 on PebbleGo

Some Library Lessons from this Quarter:

1st Grade Pumpkin WebQuest (sequencing-life cycle of a pumpkin)

2nd/3rd Grades-AR Review and Practice Test

1st, 2nd, 3rd Grades-Christopher Columbus WebQuest

4th, 5th, 6th Grades- Citing Source/Finding Reliable Sources

Kinders/1st Grade-Fire Safety Website

1st Grade-Rocks/Minerals-PebbleGo

Kinders-Create Spiders and Skeletons-KidPix

4th Grade-Pirate Trading Cards

Kinders-Map WebQuest

3rd Grade-Interactive Map Sites

4th Grade-President Research/Voki Project

5th Grade-Book Club which meets on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays

Daily News Crew

Technology Tuesdays-Co-present bi-monthly technology in-house staff trainings

3-6th Grades-Made Veterans Day eCards to send to VA Hospital

Kinders-2nd Grade-Veterans Day Websites

Sample eCard for Veterans Day and Sample Pirate Trading Card!

Dear Veteran,

Thank you for your service. You are my hero! Thank you for protecting our rights . I am in 3rd grade and I like to play baseball. My favorite subject in school is reading. Thanks for all you do, you are the reason I have the freedom to write this letter to you! We love you so much for serving our country. Happy Veterans Day!

Love, Makayla

Catawba Elementary in the News!!

Some newsworthy events taking place at Catawba include:

  • Colin H. won the 3rd-5th grade bookmark contest for Catawba County, sponsored by the Catawba County Public Library!
  • Briley H., a 3rd grader, won tickets to an ASU game for his participation in the ASU summer reading program. He read the highest number of books in his age group for the county. He read 203 books this summer!
  • Mr. Sudderth was named NCSLMA Administrator of the Year by the School Library Media Association!

Upcoming Events:

  • Our Book Fair was a great success, thank you for your support! Our profit was about $1,100 for our Media Center! Mrs. Hudson plans to purchase an online research data base for K-3rd grades and purchase new books for our library!
  • Our first BoxTops collection was November 1st and we collected over $1,000 in BoxTops for our library! THANK YOU!!! Please keep collecting those BoxTops-our next turn in will be in the spring. This money will be used to purchase eBooks for our Nooks and novel sets for our classrooms!
  • On Wednesday, November 13, we will be participating in Read Your Heart Out! This is a all day reading challenge sponsored by Book It! Mr. Sudderth will be reading to individual classes throughout the day and students will be reading as well!
  • 4th-6th graders will have the opportunity to try out for our Battle of the Books team! We will have our author/title quiz in December and will start meeting in January to choose our team! Keep reading those BOB books and study the authors!!
  • Our daily news crew consists of 6th graders now, but by January we will start interviewing for our spring crew which will consist of 5th and 6th graders.
  • Our new puzzle table has been a huge hit! Two puzzles have been completed and are on display in the library. Stop by and help us complete our newest puzzle of the Biltmore House!