By: Spencer Marrow

The PRO'S of Annexation

Annexation is the best thing for Texas's future that we can do. Annexing to the United States is an over all amazing idea. Most of our citizens are from the United States anyways so they are all for it, and they are familiar with the constitution. If we annex to the United States we will get our debt paid and have a army to protect us.


With the annexation to America we would have their army to protect our citizens and land, making us safe. They would also make sure our boarders stayed secure and no one got into our territory. Like for example if Mexico was panning a attack we would be ready with our army.


Lets admit it Texas is pretty deep in debt right now. With the revolution, and Lamar being carless with our money, we are in over our heads. But if we annex to America we would lose that debt. Becoming a part of America would have them give us a part of their overall money, meaning it would remove our debt. Leting us focus more on other things like boarder control.

Postal System

America has a secure postal system right now that Texas has been begging to create for years. We would be able to communicate with our family and send packages to them showing our care, and it would also be a benefit to the military because they would be able to send supplies via postal.

Money Syetem

Our money system in Texas is not working out. With the debt and the notes we are just messing everything up. America has a secure money system that we don't have. So if we annex to America we would get that money system and be back on our feet financially.

What Soon Went On

Treaty of April 1844: Texas would soon be a territory of the U.S. because the U.S. Senate rejected it failing the 2/3 majority. Election of 1844: James K. Polk became president of the U.S. and he favored the annexation of Texas meaning that the citizens of America also favored it. Joint Resolution: Voted to annex Texas to the U.S. ( Feb. 26, 1845 ).