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American Revolution

Did you know that there were alot of things leading up to the American Revolution. all of it involved the Colonist , the Patriots and loyalist , King George II and King George III , the Native Americans , and Elijah Clarke. I'm gonna sum it up for you. it had the French and Indian war , Stamp Act , Intolerable Acts , Declaration of Independence , Proclamation of Independence , Loyalists and Patriots , Battle of Kettle Creek , and the Siege of Savannah. All of those things led up to it , because everyone was fighting over land and this and that. They had alot of things leading up to it , so thats probably why it was a huge fight between two groups.

Intolerable Acts

Intolerable Acts

To bring colonies under control because the events of the Boston tea party , . the parliament passed four acts because of that.

  1. Closing of Boston harbor until damages from Boston tea party were paid for
  2. Outlawing patriot groups such as the sons of liberty; and allowing colonists to assemble for only one town meeting a year.
  3. British troops in colonies who committed a crime were tried back in British courts , not colonial courts
  4. Quartering acts-house and feed British soldiers