FAFSA Help Sessions and Information

Complete your FREE Application for Federal Student October 1

FAFSA Priority Deadlines

Please be aware that FAFSA priority deadlines for our state universities are coming up.

University of Iowa-December 1st

Iowa State University-January 2nd

University of Northern Iowa-January 15th

FAFSA Appointments with ICAN representative

Below is the link to share with families to schedule an appointment with our ICAN represemntative..


I am located on UNI’s campus, 2700 Gilchrist Hall-Student Success and Retention. I have office hours Monday-Friday 8:00-4:00, both face to face and virtual. If there are any questions or confusion with the link, please call me at 319-423-7703. It will bring you to my direct line.

I look forward to serving you and your students.

Stay awesome!

Abby Martin

Student Success Advisor

FAFSA Walk Through Session

As we head into our winter months, there is still an opportunity for students to receive help in getting their FAFSA completed before winter break takes place. On Wednesday, December 7th @ 5:30 p.m., ICAN will be hosting a virtual “FAFSA Step-by-Step” for folks to watch and complete their FAFSA as they participate. Students and parents can register here.

Helpful Webinars from ICAN

Scholarship Process Webinar- https://youtu.be/Rpje454BP-o

Military Careers Panel Webinar - https://youtu.be/IDj9JDlfAmg

Schedule an appointment to complete your FAFSA!

You can also make an appointment with another ICAN representative.

Please sign up for an appointment using this link: FAFSA HELP SIGN UP and follow the directions below.

    • Once you schedule, you will receive an email confirming the appointment and telling you what you need to have available at the appointment. You can also check out the attachment below for what you will need to have at the appointment.
    • It will really help if the student and parent's FSA ID (user name and password) are created in advance of the appointment. Directions for getting an FSA ID are also included below.
    • If all of the time slots fill up, please go to this link to schedule a virtual FAFSA appointment for another date: www.icansucceed.org/apt

    FSA IDs: You need to set up FSA ID's and passwords before the appointment.

    • Remember, the student needs an FSA ID and a parent needs a separate FSA ID.
    • Instructions on how to create one, if you don't have one set up.
    • If you already have FSA ID's from previous years, check them tonight, and make sure they work. Check FSA ID status by going to www.studentaid.gov and log in.
    • The Department of Education has implemented a 2-step authentication login system for FSA ID's created after July 10, 2022. This means that your student needs to be available to get us a 6-digit verification code that will get sent to their email/cell phone when we log in to their FAFSA account. The student doesn't need to be present during the appointment, they just have to be able to send us the verification code when it's sent.

    Documents needed: This is the information you need to have during your appointment.

    How To Make an FSA ID

    How to Make an FSA ID to Sign Your FAFSA®

    Every Free Application for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA®) needs to be signed with both a student and parent (for dependent students) FSA ID. This ID is a safe and secure way to sign the financial aid application.

    Here’s how to make an FSA ID.

    1. Go to the FSA ID website.
    2. Fill in the information under “Create an FSA ID,” and then click “continue.”
    3. You’ll be directed to another page with an online form. There, you’ll fill out your personal information, which includes your name, address, and Social Security number.
    4. Once you’ve followed all the instructions, you’ll need to wait up to three days while the system confirms your identity.

    While you’re waiting for confirmation, consider verifying your email, which is optional but helpful. Verifying your email allows you to get email notifications about changes occurring in your parent account and also makes resetting your username and password easier since you can bypass challenge questions. You will be shown an option to verify your email as you follow the prompts.

    Here are a few more tips for parents to keep in mind:

    • You don’t need to provide an email address or a mobile phone number, but doing so makes it easier for you to retrieve your password if you ever lose it.
    • You cannot use the same email address or phone number that your child used for their FSA ID. This is to prevent parents and children from having the same FSA ID.
    • Do not create an FSA ID for your child. Both the child and the parent must have a unique FSA ID.
    • Do not allow anyone else to create an FSA ID for you.
    • If you think the Social Security Administration (SSA) may have the wrong date of birth in their record for you, this may impact your ability to create an FSA ID. You will need to correct any errors on their website or your FSA ID will not be processed.
    • If your FSA ID is ever lost, you have the option to reset your username or password on the FSA ID website. Additionally, if your FSA ID is stolen, you can contact the FSA directly by phone. (add phone number?)

    If your child is a dependent student who completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, you’ll need to create your own FSA ID at the FSA ID website.

    Having an FSA ID helps you and your child submit the FAFSA® promptly so you hear back about your federal student aid faster.

    Here’s everything you need to know about making a parent FSA ID.

    Common Parent Questions About FSA ID:

    What is an FSA ID?

    An FSA ID consists of a username and password that let you access U.S. Department of Education websites.

    As a parent, you can use your ID to provide your FAFSA® parent signature, sign federal student aid contracts electronically for your child, view a copy of the Student Aid Report, and retrieve your IRS tax information.

    It basically functions as a legal signature, which is why parents and students must each have their own FSA ID.

    Do all parents need one?

    If you need to provide your information for your child’s FAFSA®, you need an FSA ID.

    Parents with dependent students need to get an FSA ID. When your child fills out the FAFSA®, they will find out if they’re considered dependent or independent. Factors include their age, marital status, and whether they’re on active duty in the U.S. armed forces.

    Simply put, if they need your information for the application, you’ll need to get an FSA ID.

    Does every parent in your household need an FSA ID?

    Only one legal parent needs an FSA ID.

    In the case of separated or divorced parents, students should provide information for the parent they lived with most during the past 12 months.

    Make sure you know who the legal parent is before filling out the FAFSA®. Incorrect information can delay the application process.

    Applying for financial aid doesn’t need to be complicated. Make sure to create your parent FSA ID early so your child’s FAFSA® gets processed quickly.


    What is the FAFSA? It is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid!


    You can begin filing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) on October 1st -- which means you can file the FAFSA soon!

    Every college or university has its own preferred filing date for the FAFSA -- some as early as December 1st -- so check out www.ICANsucceed.org/priority to find the priority dates for the schools you are applying to.

    Tax Information

    You will use your parents’ tax information from 2021 to file the FAFSA for the 2023-24 school year. The FAFSA is solely based on 2021 taxes, so you WON’T have to update the FAFSA with 2022 taxes. Visit https://iowacollegeaid.gov/FAFSA to file the form.

    This extended timeline is beneficial to you because it will allow you to receive your financial aid award letters early in the spring semester. This will give you more time to make a final decision about where you want to go to school. You may receive financial aid award letters as early as January or February, and you still have until May 1st to make your final decisions.

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    What do I need to bring to the appointment?

    Needed Documents

    Students and parents will each need to bring several documents:

    • Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers and dates of birth.
    • 2021 federal and state tax returns.
    • 2021 W-2 forms and other records of income earned last year.
    • Current bank statements and investment records.
    • Records of untaxed income received last year (e.g., TANF, child support received, etc.)
    • FSA ID & password-to set up this up go to www.studentaid.gov/fsa-id both student & parent will need an FSA ID and password.
    • Download a complete list at www.icansucceed.org/whattobring.
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