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Dear UK 1st Impressions,

I hope you're doing well and enjoying the upswing of holiday buzz taking a hold of your businesses!

What a fun treat to do a Google Hangout with the fabulous Danielle Redner today and our teammates:

Valerie Lawrence
Mairi Scott
Laura Boland
Jo Markwick

For those of you who weren't able to get on, I've highlighted some key takeaways below. The phone recording didn't come out clearly so I figured this was the next best option.

It's going to be a stupendous month! I can feel the energy with this incredible team and am here to help each and every one of you if you'd like it. Just send me an email if you'd like to schedule a time to connect!


Prospective Call Tomorrow -- right click and share the image below with your potentials!

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Plenty of Days Left in Nov. to Book and Hold Shows!

Trunk shows and sales are so much easier to boost up this month because people want and NEED to shop! Here are some ideas I'm working with to fill up my November calender with sales and bookings:

1. Buy One Gift One in Honor of Our Veterens!- There's still time to post this special on Facebook as people love a good cause. Last day is tonight!

2. November Trunk Show Exclusives (people are booking so they and their friends can get these goodies.

3. Ladies Night, mornings, or weekend brunches or afternoons are working really well. Here are some themes I've been offering:

Bubbles & Baubles

Cookies, Cocktails, Couture

Holiday Shop & Drop (drop off the kids at school and drop in for style & gifts!)

Office shows (happy hours or lunch time conf room shopping convenience)

Local Holiday Vendor Events

Local salons Friday or Saturday afternoons (spruce up before going out and check off the gift lists)

Let's not forget the guys:

Football, Fashion, Fun

Beer, Bags, & Baubles (great guys opportunity to check off the lists with friends and beer!)

4. Host your own if you haven't used up your 2x this calendar year. Hostess Credits + WUTS Rewards + Cash = Stupendous Show!

7. Black Friday Trunk Show. It's basically a National Holiday in the US so why not partake on your side of the pond for your own business? Friends can avoid the crowded malls and check off their lists in the comfort of someone's home together.

Why not reap the cash rewards while the season is here?! Enjoy this exciting, big sales month!

How did Star Director Zandra Gay have a $6700 Show?

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Last week her sister hosted a show that sold over $6700! How?

They invited over 80 people. Over $800 came in from outside orders and the show totaled 33 orders! Some of her top tips are:

Offer up the opp for hostesses to have a morning AND night show. Leave your jewelry for the day or maybe set up appts. in the middle of the day as well.
9:30-1:30pm Muffins & Mimosas
Day time appts.
7-9:30pm Wine, Cheese & Jewelry Please!

Send out Holiday Lookbooks in advance with a note encouraging people to come with their gift giving lists. We are a Lifestyle Brand. Many gifts in addition to jewelry: tech wallets, scarves, Avalon Clutches are big gift choices.

Have hostesess write a note to out-of-towners acknowledging that she knows they can't make it to the show but she thought they may like the opp to buy great gifts with the ease of clicking a mouse. (you could even make up the template for her and she can just sign her name)

Highlight the Flat Ship Rate: You could get one gift or 10 for the flat ship rate. Why not just check off your lists now? (you could get loads of sales from outside orders this time of year). Continue to remind guests this while walking around the table at the shows.

Wear your TSEOs and talk about them in the Group Hello.

Put charm pages from Holiday Lookbooks in a frame and offer great personalized gifts: Grandma Charm with # of grandkids, moms' wearing their kids' team numbers, etc.


For the Invite in the comments section I wrote this coming from my sister: "Hi Everyone!! I hope you can swing by for a cup of "Coffee or Mimosa" between 9:30am - 2pm or for "Wine & Cheese": 6:30 - 10pm on WED 11/6 to see Stella & Dot's NEW HOLIDAY COLLECTION! My sister Zandra will have their new Holiday line of accessories too (bags, clutches, scarves & more!) not mention the jewelry classics for Ladies & Girls! Can't come during these times - come in-between for your own personal shopping appt! Holiday Shopping made easy & fun! Bring your "holiday shopping list" and get it all done in one stop shopping! Happy to send you the new look book beforehand if you'd like! We look forward to seeing you soon. xo Tori"

Love 'em all! Happy selling!!!!

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Wrap Up The Season Rewards

We've got such an incredible opportunity to rack in loads of Product Credit along with cash during this amazing selling season!

If you haven't seen them, details are here: https://wrap-up-the-season.squarespace.com/