The Roaring Twenties

Cause We're Young and We're Reckless.

Wild, Free, and Young.

During the 1920s, fondly known as the Roaring Twenties, many people lived in urban areas versus farms. Along with bringing more people into the city, the 1920s also welcomed a new type of culture, that included women with bobbed hair, known as "flapper girls", who were considered to be unladylike. The economy boomed and culture was expressed through different types of music.

New Money, Suit, and Tie.

The 1920s marked a period of economic growth. New inventions were invented and simpler ways to produce products were also discovered. Henry Ford for example created an idea to help speed up production. Creating the assembly line which quickened production, which then allowed items to be made faster and sold cheaper.

Cause Darling, I'm a Nightmare Dressed as a Daydream.

Flapper girls were part of the 1920s, drinking, smoking, and doing things that were considered uncivilized for women, were all characterisitcs that Flapper girls showed. Although the majority of women did prefer to stay grounded to their stereotypes, of dressing and acting lady-like. Flapper girls however did greatly influence society today. Margaret Sanger, for example encouraged women to use birth control when having premarital sex.

Grab Your Passport

The 1920s also represented the migration and urbanization of African Americans. The Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) was founded by a Black rights activist named Marcus Garvey. This program helped Black family owned business. And although Harvey was jailed for fraud, his program encouraged African Americans to move Harlem, New York.

Pleasure was the color of the time. -Harold Clurman

Magic, Madness, Heaven, Sin.

The United States decides to restrict immigration from the "Asiatic Barred Zone" due to concerns during World War One. The Immigration Act of 1924 was passed by Congress required immigrants to pass a literacy test and pay higher taxes when entering into the United States.

Screaming, Crying, Perfect Storms.

With technology improving, soon commercials and movies were shown, some with suggestive content, which displeased many people during the 1920s. Which then brought the creation of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors Association that would monitor content. Entertainment was also used to spread gossip about celebrities on newspapers/magazines. Writers, like Fitzgerald, also wrote about the 1920s to emphasize the flaws of the people during the Roaring Twenties time period.

Gonna Go Down in Flames

Economic stability and happiness did not last, when the 1930s hit the Great Depression emerged. Caused by the stock market crashing, which resulted in a bad economy for about ten years. When it happened differed around the world but generally started in 1929.
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