The Best Family

My family is the best. You might not think so, but they are. Here’s step by step why.

One reason my family is the best is because of my brother. Even though he can be a pest, he can be funny sometimes, whether he’s trying to or not. He’s also fun to play fun to play sports with, like football, basketball, baseball, and frisbee. He’s a great teammate.

Another reason I have the best family is because is because I have great parents. They’re always kind and loving, and provide help when I need it. Even if I mess up, they’ll always love me.

The final reason my family’s the best is because I have amazing pets. I have 2 dogs, Piper and Jake. Piper’s very playful and loves to chew on things. Also, her favorite food is muffins. My other dog, Jake, is very old and doesn’t do much. His favorite food is veagy stras. I love them both, and they love me and my family, too.

Everybody has a great family, but no one's family is better than mine. Obviously, I have the best family in the world.