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Ready, Set...GO!

No one knows when the first car race was held, but it was a short time after the second car was built. When cars first got onto the road at the end of the eighteenth century driving about 20 to 30 miles was considered going fast. Car racing also known as motor racing and automobile racing was basically a mimick of horse racing. People tried to race their cars on uneven roads and sometimes horse tracks.


There are 36 races on the Sprint cup schedule: 26 in the regular seasons and 10 post season.NASCAR runs 3 national races: Sprint cup series, top series, second series, and the camping world truck series, which is only for trucks. There is 2 types of tracks cars race on: asphalt and dirt tracks.

Danger Awaits

Although racing is fun, it is also dangerous. There are different things that can happen to your car when your racing. On the track you will want to be very careful because you could flip over, collide, or even catch fire.
Worst NASCAR Red Flag Crashes #1


There are 5 different types of flags in racing. The colors of the 5 flags are green, yellow, red, white, and black and white. They are all different colors so the drivers can tell what to do without people yelling at them and the people crashing.

Green: Start or begin

Yellow: Debris or accident on the track

Red: Cars must stop immediately

White: One lap remaining

Black and white checkered: Finish or the end

Stock cars

Stock cars are one of the most popular race cars people have driven. Stock cars are large, late model sedans. Stock car engines are built for speed and can exceed 200 miles per hour. Most stock car races are on asphalt tracks.

Dale Earnhardt

Dale Earnhardt was a champion stock car driver. He won 7 championships but, died at the final lap of the Daytona 500 in 2001. Dale had 2 sons and 2 daughters. He is well known for all the races and championships he had won and had many nicknames such as the man in black,the Intimidator, and the "bad boy" of NASCAR racing.
Dale Earnhardt Sr. Fatal Crash *Live With Replays*


There are many more cars than just stock cars. There are Sprint, Dragsters and many more race cars.