How to use it !

Fireworks is an advanced graphics design application. It can be used to create some amazing images for your coursework but it does take some practice to get good at!

Adobe CS5 Flash Tools Panel

CategoryTool NameWhat You Can Do with ItKeyboard Shortcut


PointerSelect paths and objectsV or 0

SubselectionAdjust paths, much as you do with the Direct Select tool in Illustrator and PhotoshopA or 1

ScaleScale objects or selectionsQ

CropCrop imagesC


MarqueeMake rectangular selectionsM

LassoMake freeform selectionsL

Magic WandSelect similar colorsW

BrushPaint on imageB (toggle with Pencil)

PencilDraw bitmap pathsB (toggle with Brush)

EraserErase bitmap dataE

BlurBlur imageR

Rubber StampClone image dataS


LineCreate vector linesN

PenCreate Bézier pathsP

RectangleCreate vector shapesU

TypeCreate textT

FreeformCreate freeform pathsO

KnifeCut pathsY


Rectangle HotspotCreate image map hotspotsJ

SliceCreate slices for tables or CSSK

Hide Slices and HotspotsHide slices and image map hotspots2

Show Slices and HotspotsDisplay slices and image map hotspots2


EyedropperSample colorI

Paint BucketFill colorG


HandPan the artboard

ZoomZoom in and out of artboardX