Connecting with books/life

by Dakota Maskill and Raiah Loving


  • Kind of choppy not all parents have good relationships. some families where harsh to their children. In both books the government had harsh rules affecting family life.


In both books the government had a strong hold on the life of the citizens.

  • harsh punishment

  • strict rules

  • killed a lot of people

  • dictatorship and oligarchy


In both books the population was metaled with causing more problems

  • In Unwind, the population of the kids who have been unwound have to stay in a high number so that way they don't run out of parts.In Allegiance, the divergent population is dying off because they are being killed. The government has the population say low because they believe the divergent people are dangerous

  • War in both books forces the population to be low

In both of the books this story connected because they were not liked for they were are were killed or disciplined for being themselves.


Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. -Connections

  • Allegiant to this: The divergent people are considered special so they killed them off. While they put handicap on people who were smarter or faster or whatever to make them all equal.