My Poem Book

By Tiana Lewis

Color poem

Green is a four leaf clover

Green is my little cousins eye color

Green smells like the pine trees in the forest

Green tastes like key lime pie with whipped cream on top

Green sounds like the leaves calling in the wind

Green looks like the soft grass in the spring

Green feels like the soft blankets on my bed

Green makes me feel warm inside

Green is what makes the world go round



Enjoyable, loud

Falling, running, yapping

Chews on anything he sees



I am the grass

Dancing in the howling wind

I play my tune with friends

Greeting rain as it falls to me

I change color through the seasons

Sucking up water from the rich dirt

I am the grass

Ode to my music

My dear music, how I admire you.

You encourage me to do more.

Dear, Dear music, you cheer me up when I'm blue,

keep me entertained when I'm bored,

and make me bust out some crazy dance moves.

Your great tunes make me sing each time.

So many selections, yet no directions for you.

You keep me energetic and ready for no more sadness.

For you are the one I love.

Makes me think of

Video games make me think of Zelda

Zelda makes me think of Link

Link makes me think of my pup

My pup makes me think of fun

Fun makes me think of movies

Movies make me think of relaxing

and relaxing makes me think of video games


There once lived a cat,

that brung home a rat.

She laid it at her owners feet,

as he yelled out, what did you do to Pipsqueak!

She said I'm sorry he was just to fat!

Rhyme Scheme (ABCB)

In the D.C bakery, A

you better make the choice sweet. B

So many to choose from. C

But the sweeter ones their just better to eat B


Flying through the wind

Breezes glide through their feathers

Looking for a meal


My eyes are like the pattern on snake skin

My attitude whips like cattails in the wind

My determination is like a squirrel trying to find a nut

My hair is as fluffy as a cloud

My energy is like a roadrunner

My poem is like the leaves on a windy day

I am the whistling birds on a sunny day

I am the galaxy


Thankful for my pup

Inspired to learn about art

Already loves animals

Nice and helpful

Artistic and imaginative

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