Gossip along the mighty Mississippi

missing boys, killers, and more!

Missing Boys!

About two weeks ago, Tomas Sawyer, Joe Harper, and Huckleberry Finn all went missing after playing along the Mississippi River. At first, everyone thought the kids took a raft over to the other side of the river, but after finding the raft with no boys people are starting to give up hope. But the searches are not over. "We still have not given up hope" Mrs. Polly, Toms aunt said. Every day at 5:00 PM there are searches along the banks of the river for any clues. "The boys body's have not been found. We still think they could just be lost." Sue Harper, Joes mom quoted. If you have any info on the missing boys, locate and tell the police asap.

Is he guilty?

Muff Potter AKA the Town Drunk was convicted of murdering Doctor Robinson in the grave yard a whole two weeks ago. According to Injun Joe Muff Potter was drunk out of his mind when he, Joe, and the doctor went to the graveyard to "discuss business" when Muff and the Doctor had a disagreement and Muff Potter pulled out his knife and stabbed Robinson. The only problem is that the only known witness was Joe. Do you think he was guilty? send us your thoughts!

Issue 123 date: 4-6-67

To: Resident along the Mississippi River