save the marine biome

by Carson Paiboon

Over Fishing

over fishing means that we, humans are capturing fish faster than they can reproduce and that means that the fish that we are catching will eventually be extinct. we are counter acting this by subsidized industrial fleets are cleaning up tropical oceans too. All West African fisheries are now over-exploited, coastal fisheries have declined 50% in the past 30 years, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

polluting water

polluting water is bad because cars that are caring oil and crash and eventually go in the ocean and kill thousands of fish. such as north Atlantic garbage patch its a ocean of garbage that kills thousands of fish every day we are counter acting this by not doing off-shore drilling as much. and helping to clean up the Atlantic garbage patch.

desruction of coral reefs

its bad to destroy coral reefs because the coral actually produces 50% of our oxygen and it takes away homes for fish. we are counter acting this by making more artificial reefs for fish and there home and to keep us breathing.

puting fertilizer in grass

people put fertilizer in there grass and when it rains runoff catches the fertilizer and ends up in the ocean making it bad for fish to breath. we are counteracting this by planting new grass instead of putting fertilizer down. new grass that u put in actually last longer land putting fertilizer down

littering (not throwing away trash)

people are getting to lazy to throw away trash and they don't care because they don't think it affect anyone but it does when people don't throw away trash runoff catches it and takes it to the ocean and killing the fish and making them leave there home we are counter acting this by people going out every Tuesday and picking up trash where they live.