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Friday, November 8, 2019

Visit with a Veteran

This morning we attended the annual Veterans Day assembly. The children sang and we were humbled and honored to have many veterans attend. After the assembly, Ms. Pitka, cam back to our room and told us about her 20 year commitment to the US Navy. The kids asked thoughtful questions and were genuinely interested in all that Ms. Pitka was part of. Ms. Pitka, thank you for your service.


Mrs. Close's Class ~ One of the great components of EM4 (Everyday Math Program) is that it offers a cumulative assessment after every other unit. You'll find your child's corrected Unit 2 Cumulative Assessment in his/her Friday Folder. It's great to go back and formally assess those skills that were already taught! This week, our major focus was on creating and recognizing equivalent fractions and comparing fractions. There are about six different strategies that can be used to decide which fraction is bigger or smaller. Ask your 4th grader and see if they can explain any of them to you! During the upcoming week, the kids will continue to compare and order fractions and we'll jump into tenths and hundredths! The corrected November CML Challenge will come home in next week's Friday Folder. Thanks again for the continued support with basic multiplication fact work!

Mr. Hart's Class ~ We are well into Module three in math. The kids are working towards mastering area and perimeter. The biggest thing that is holding them back is the understanding of using the formulas. We introduced multiplication of 10's 100's and 1,000's this week. The kids did fairly well on this concept. Next week we will begin to learn different methods of multiplication. we will begin with 2, 3, and 4 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers and gradually move to 2 by 2 digit numbers. This is a rather long module so, you may see some homework assignments that look very similar. I have introduced a new game to the kids. It is called Prodigy. The kids work through a kingdom while battleing different characters, but in order to cast their spells they must first answer a math question correctly. This is a highly engaging game for the kids and so far they appear to like playing it.


Picture Book Friday ~ Grace read us Pig the Elf! We decided that a great theme for the story is to be grateful for what you have. The kids are ready for the holiday season. A little snow on the ground and a Christmas book was just what we needed! We do need a boy to read next Friday!

PAWS ~ Almost every student is finished with the first assignment! I will be busy reading and providing feedback to each student over the long weekend so we can begin #2 on Tuesday! It's a lot of work, but most of the kids really enjoy it!

Small Groups ~ Each group started a chapter book this week. I have kids reading The City of Ember, November Night, Danger on Panther Peak, and Mr. Tucket. Some kids have a little reading to do before Tuesday. I have to say that the conversations about characters and events around the table are amazing to be part of. Kids say the best things!

Big picture


The kids were able to make some up close and personal observations of the crayfish! Did you know that crayfish molt and also regenerate body parts like claws, legs, and antenna?

Outdoor Recess

Please be sure your child brings outdoor gear for recess. Kids go outside and play as long as it's not raining and the feel like temperature is at least 20 degrees or higher!

Feast of Favorites

On Monday, November 25th, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving with a Feast of Favorites! The feast will be our lunch. I will be providing tacos in a bag with all the fixings. The kids did some brainstorming. It's not as easy these days because the food has to be purchased or prepackaged. You'll notice that there is an "Other" slot just in case you come up with something that we didn't think of. I have been this since my first year of teaching and the kids just always love it! Thank you in advance for your support!

Music Class

For the last few Wednesdays I have picked the kids up and wished I had brought my phone to video them singing or playing instruments. I happened to remember this week! Click on the link below to hear them make beautiful music.