Prom: Best Time of your Life

By Gilene Mariamu

Do you want to dance and have fun with friends? If yes, then you should go to prom! Prom is a type of event for junior and seniors. There two parts, to the prom. The grand march is in the gym and the dance is in the commons. The prom cost just $25 dollars for each couple.

Juniors and seniors can go to Prom which takes place in May. Ms. Bostad said, “Prom give student a chance to have fun.” You have to buy a ticket before the dance day and you also need to sign up for it. You need to dress up and dresses are sold in many stores.

If you need more information about prom, talk to Ms. Bostad or Mrs. Butenhoff and they will help you with any questions you may have in ELL office in room 106G.

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