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Leather or Faux Leather: Which is a Better Choice?

You have a lot of options when it comes to the material of your handbag, and two of the most common you’ll find are leather and faux leather. While these can be similar in appearance, there are a number of differences between them which are worth considering before you make a purchase. Let’s talk about some of these variances, as well as some of each material’s advantages so you can decide for yourself which type of bag is best for you.

What They Are

Leather is crafted from animal skin, with the most commonly used type being cowhide. This is the strongest type of leather, making it an ideal choice for purses, which can see a lot of wear and tear. Calfskin and lambskin are also used to make handbags, but they are not nearly as durable. While real leather comes from a natural source, faux leather is completely man-made from fabrics or plastics that are chemically treated to resemble real Leather Holdall.

Features and Advantages

As mentioned, real leather (especially cowhide) is very durable. While leather items may start out fairly stiff, over time they will soften and become more pliable. Leather is also breathable and easy to clean, but it can stain easily when exposed to moisture. Leather will also fade over time if left in the sunlight. Faux leather, on the other hand, won’t fade in the sunlight, is waterproof, and wipes clean easily. However, the lifespan of faux leather is significantly shorter than real leather, lasting only about a third as long.


There can be a big cost difference between real leather and faux leather. Real leather is more expensive, but this directly correlates to the material’s durability and longer lifespan. When it comes to the cost difference between the two, one adage holds true: you get what you pay for Suede Leather Holdall.

So which is better, real leather or faux leather? The answer to this question lies in your own preferences, needs, and budget. Weigh your options and consider the advantages of both before making your decision, and you’ll find the type of bag that works best for you.