skating with my parents and friends

Skating with my Mom

My Mom grew up in West Ben and that’s where she learned to skate was in her gym of her school at the time they would let you do that i don’t think they would anymore. My Mom was a figure skater ever since i could remember also she did own a company with my Father. I would go with her to practice every Sunday. I had gotten my own skates when I was about 3 years old. I started skating in Heartland when my Mom was practicing I was skatIng on the other side of the rink and I would always go to her competitions early in the mornings. She won gold, silver ,and one brones. She then stopped being a figure skater and became a layers assistant. We sometimes go ice skating but as much as roller skating. We now always go roller skating every other weekend in watertown i have my new skates and I usually do speed skating because you feel free but i have to go really slow when i take friends because they don’t know how to go very fast.They have music so you don’t get bored. You can smell the food when you go by it every time. It gets really crowded there so most likely there are little kids in-front of you or behind and sometimes there really fast too but most times there really slow. You hear so much talking with your friends or strangers. I feel very happy fast and alive when i go skating it is one thing that gets my mind off everything. When we leave my Mom loves the smell of the skating rink so if she picks me up or if she comes with me she will always smell my hair because it smells like the skating rink. My first memories with skating was with my Mom.

Skating with my friends

My friends skating

Me and my friends go skating in Watertown we usually do the limbo it is very fun just to watch them, the dice game and sometimes we win but not a lot because it is very hard, races we sometimes do races but not a lot we just like to watch people fall and win but we also like to cheer people on, and one of my friends jam skates. We sometimes request songs because they have a variety and we sometimes don’t like what they have on. There are always people behind and infront of you. The skating rink has it’s own character because there are certain marks on them that can tell a really good story. You could be talking to your friends and that is why it gets a little loud in there because they could be really far away. The skating rink is rounded so you go in circles and on the outside you go really fast in the middle are the people who aren't so good or just don’t want to skate so fast. On the inside you see all the little kids where they fall ,but in the very middle is the jam skaters that aren’t very fast and they just dance in the middle. the very edge of the skate rink is the fast jam skaters they are a little less talented at it but still good. When I’m with my friends they always quit on me and want to get food so they get food i get a drink and some sour candy. One of the reasons why this is a happy place is because my friends come with me or join me but I also feel free and fast.