Firearm Safety 101

Basic rules for kids about firearm safety.

Firearm Safety

For as long as there have been firearms, there has been the need to protect and educate our children when it comes to safe use and storage. One of the biggest problems we have today is that there is not enough firearms safety training for children. Here are some basic rules and suggestions for making your home a safe environment for both children and your firearms.

Don't try to hide a gun in the house, thinking that the child will never find it. They will. Children have the ability to find anything adults can hide. And, the better something is hidden, the harder the child will look for it, and the more importance it will have to the child once it is found.

Nothing gets a child's attention faster or stronger than being told "No," without explanation or reasoning.

If you carry a firearm on a daily basis, be sure to secure it when you get home. Make sure that your child knows you do this, and why.

Teach your children these basic firearms safety rules:

  • Always assume that a gun is loaded, even after you have personally unloaded it.
  • Never point a firearm at another person. Never point a firearm in the direction of anything except a proper target at a range or while hunting.
  • Never handle a firearm unnecessarily.
  • Never accept a firearm from another person unless they have shown it to be unloaded in front of you. Never assume.
  • Always verify the unloaded condition of a firearm.
  • Never throw, drop, or otherwise mishandle a firearm.

Start your children off right by showing them the ropes about guns. This includes showing them the proper procedures for unloading, verifying and handling a firearm. Where available, a certified instructor should be used to teach proper shooting and safety technique.

Make sure to show your children how to clean and care for a firearm. A dirty, or abused gun is more dangerous than any other.

Encourage your children to learn these safety rules, and to follow them.