Wider Reading Task- By Kiara Butterworth 8 Rubio

Where It All Began.....

John Green, a recently famous American author who is known for his talented young-adult fiction books. John Michael Green was born in Indianapolis on August 24th 1977 to Mike and Sydney Green. He received his early education from Lake Highland Preparatory School and Indian Springs School, during his schooling he was mildly bullied. John Green earned double graduation degrees in English and Religious Studies from Kenyon College. He worked as a student chaplain after graduation in a children’s hospital. He spent most of his years surrounded by children with terminal-illnesses, this provoked his urge to write. John has written numerous New York Times Best Seller’s novels that have even been adapted to the big screen.

The Fault In Our Stars

Genre: Young-Adult Fiction

Themes: The necessity of suffering, Fear of oblivion, Insensitivity of the universe, The realities of terminal cancer.

Hazel Grace is a normal teenager, besides the fact that she has thyroid cancer. Her Mum thinks she has depression, which “all the books state that depression is a side affect of cancer”, “ its not a side affect of cancer, it’s a side affect of dying” She goes to support group like her doctor suggested, it turned out to be the best decision she had ever made because she met Augustus Waters, the star-crossed love of her life.

Her and Gus both have cancer but Gus’ cancer comes back harder than ever. Hazel and Gus learn that the world is not a wish-granting factory and to cherish every moment they have together, because one day the one we love the most could be gone.

“I love this book, I really enjoy how the book has many life lessons. It teaches you to cherish your life because a split decision can change everything. It has changed my aspect on life, the novel has opened my eyed and has made me realise how lucky my family and I are to live a healthy life, cancer-free”. -Kiara Butterworth 8 Rubio

"If I were to change a scene in the novel I would change the scene where Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters met Peter Van Houten, in the novel Peter Van Houten is a nut-case, he wastes Grace’s and Augustus’ time, he is rude and disrespectful towards them, he doesn’t acknowledge them. This is an author that Hazel has dreamt of meeting all her life, he doesn’t show any respect. I would change it so Peter is a down-to-earth man and is the person Hazel dreamt of meeting."- Kiara Butterworth 8 Rubio

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Why Is John Green Is So Great?

John Green is an author that isn’t just talented at writing but also connecting with the reader and forming connections, these books become so attached to you that you never want to put them down. His books are aimed to give us an insight of the horrific events that cancer and other terminal illness put people through. Many of his books are written for adolescence and are written from a girls perspective.

Meet John Green!

Monday, Sep. 7th, 6:15-8:15pm

Geelong Performing Arts Centre

A once in a life time opportunity to meet the one and the only John Green. To discuss his new hopes of turning his New York Times Best Selling Novel 'Looking for Alaska' into major motion picture on the big screen.

Interesting Facts

· John attended boarding school when he was young; this inspired him to write ‘Looking For Alaska’

· He dedicated TFIOS to Esther Earl, a young 16 year old who died from Thyroid cancer in 2010. Esther unfortunately died before the novel came out.

· President Obama named his second child, the president was asked if he preferred ‘Eleanor or Alice’

· John’s books have been published in over a dozen languages.

The Other-Side To John Green

When John isn't writing multi-award winning novels, he uses his free time to enjoy his hobby, Vlogging and Blogging. John Green loves to connect with his fans by videos that he regularly uploads to Youtube.

Check him out!