The Korean War

The Battle Between One Country


The Korean War was also known as The Forgotten War, the reason for that nickname is that The Korean War was not a major part of the Cold War. The war only lasted three years (which is not very long compared to other major wars involving the United States). The war all started when North Korea invaded South Korea-supported by the Soviet Union and China. The United Nations Security Council recognized this act by North Korea as an invasion and called for an immediate ceasefire. The Security Council decided the formation and dispatch of UN forces in Korea. The United States and other countries moved to defend South Korea.


The Korean War is similar to other wars the the United States have been involved in. Any war would strike fear into both country's people. Any war needs to have a winner and a loser. All wars end up in victory for one country and loss for the other. The Korean War started suddenly when North Korea tried to invade South Korea, the war in Veitnam started slowly with Amereican involvment. All wars can be avoided, we could have just left the war in Korea, we could have just left it be. Similarities between different wars are not very different.


The Korean War was different to other wars that the United States fought in because it had different reasons for going into war. For example in Veitnam, "The objective of the war was also different in each case. In Korea, it was to drive the aggressors back into North Korea and occupy that portion of the country as well. This objective was later modified to ridding South Korea of the military power of the North. In Vietnam, on the other hand, the objective is to make a country safe for the people to freely choose and live with their own government" (Caine).

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Korean War helicopter with the South Korean symbol on it.
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Helicopter in The Vietnam War.