Cell organelles

Taylor Diffin and Dontae Deshilds


the nucleus is the control center of the cell.


Has RNA for protein manufacturing. It is inside the nucleus and it makes ribosomes.


Its is composed of DNA, contains genetic information and is usually in the form of chromatin.

Nuclear membrane

It surrounds the nucleus and is composed of two layers.It also has numerous opening for nuclear traffic.


It pairs cylindrical organelles near nucleus. It look like straws.


Chloroplast contains green chlorophyll where photosynthesis takes place. Its a plastid usually found in plant cells.


It aids movements of materials in and out of cells.

Endoplasmic Reticulum

It stores, separates, and and serves as cell's transport system. Its a smooth and rough type.

Golgi Body.

It is a packaging and shipping center in the cell. It's composed of layers like pancakes !

Cell transport