Parent Leadership Academy News

November 26, 2018

We Need Your Help!

1. We want to do our best to extend an invitation to a contact at your child's school or a community group you are a part of, or a mentor, etc.... to come celebrate with you at Graduation. Please help us by emailing Kimberly the name (and if you have it, email address) of the contact so we can extend an invitation!

2. Kimberly will be working on putting together a slideshow of pictures that we will watch during graduation. If you have some pictures that you have taken and would like to share, please email them directly to Kimberly.

Help Us Start Recruiting for Spring 2019 PLA!

Do you have recommendations for a friend, family member or coworker to participate in the Parent Leadership Academy? We need your help recruiting!

During the closing session, we will be asking for you to contribute at least 3 contact names, phone numbers and email addresses that we can reach out to join the Spring 2019 cohort!

More copies of the 2019 Spring Application will be provided on Friday. You can download the information packet below!

Graduation: Thursday, December 13th; 5:30 p.m.--7:30 p.m.

Location: ESC-20

Bexar Auditorium Rooms (1st Floor)

You will need to arrive at ESC-20 by 5:00 pm for a group picture and to be ready to go at 5:30 pm.

Start inviting those that are important to you that you want to share this celebration with. A reception will follow the graduation ceremony.

An electronic and hard copy invitation will be shared with you that you can share with others! Coming Soon!


Friday, November 30th

9:00 a.m.--2:00 p.m.
Lunch Provided

Location: ESC-20 in the Hickory/Laurel Rooms (2nd Floor)

**PLA shirts and graduation caps/gowns will be given out!**

This day is FULL of all good things!!

The closing session will consist of final evaluations, sharing affirmations and new learning, AND....

Come prepared to share your portfolio! You will be given 5 minutes (yes, we will time you as we will have to stay on track!)

Remember, we do not grade them so no worries about that! Your portfolio is a reflection of your learning during your PLA experience.

There is no right or wrong portfolio. You make it unique to you! If you have any worries or concerns, please let one of us know.

We will hang on to your portfolio and show case them during the graduation ceremony and then you get to take them home!

I promise will take great pride in this work!

We can't wait!

My Role in the Community as a Parent

Lizet shared some excellent information and resources in this session!

Download her presentation below for a reminder and to access all the information!

Photo Gallery: My Role in the Community as a Parent

Great SAISD Event! Download the flyer below the image!

Big picture
Big picture

Nicole France, Senior Coordinator –Student Success Office of Outreach & Recruitment, San Antonio College