Alcohol and Amnesia

By: Nick Boda and Noah Leslie

Why we chose this topic

We chose this topic because it interest us that alcohol and drugs can make you have amnesia.

How Can Research Help

Research will help raise awareness the excessive drug and alcohol use can cause short and long term memory loss. This will help others because it can prevent people form using drugs and alcohol by knowing the repercussions that can come with it, such as memory loss.
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Excessive alcohol use can cause memory loss. If a person consumes enough alcohol the brain looses the ability to remember event, and affects the frontal lobe of the brain. Long term use can inhibit GABA abd NDMA neurotransmission in the brain which impacts long term memory.
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Anxiety and sleeping pills reduce activity in the brain, including parts involved in short term to long term memory. Pain killers block the pain in the central nervous system and their chemical messengers, but these messengers also are involved in short term and long term memory.
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The National institute of alcohol abuse states that out of students that have ever consumed alcohol 51% of them have had memory loss at least once, and those who were surveyed 9.4% said they had memory loss in the past two weeks. Treatment can help such as administering thiamine to help improve brain functions.

Interesting Things

People can actually get brain damage from alcohol

Female teens are the most likely to suffer from memory loss form alcohol

Many people consume alcohol with the intent to suffer from memory loss