It's The New Version of York

Lets go Dutch...Or Not

New York was founded by the Dutch people in 1626. They settled here to help increase their economy with trading. This colony was once named New Amsterdam until surrendered to the English on September 8, 1664. The name was changed to New York after the Duke of York.


Major Towns include New York City and Albany. It was very mountainous in the north, but the soil was fertile and good for farming. The only downside was the climate. There were freezing winters and hot summers, making farming difficult. New York is more northern the most colonies. Because of its location, timber, furs, and coal were good, plentiful resources.

Who and What

In New York any religion was acceptable, Quakers, Catholics, Lutherans, Jews and many others. In 1775, New York began government as a Royal Colony. Specifically, New York sold crops such as wheat. On occasion the would manufacture iron ore to produce plows, tools, and other materials made

from such. Some important people include, Henry Hudson for finding New York, or as it was called then, New Amsterdam, and The Duke of York, the one for which New York was named.

How Did I Miss That

Around 1655, the Dutch and the Swedes started to fight over land, the Dutch successfully won the New Sweden Colony for this fight. But unfortunately for them, less then 10 years later the English win the New Netherlands capitol, New Amsterdam. Finally after many hardships and fighting, on July 26, 1788, New York became an official state.