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GSE 2018 - Week 1

We've Ignited the Entrepreneurial Mindset of Kentucky's Future Business Leaders!

GSE 2018 is off to an amazing start. Our program continues to thrive and the impact we're having on the next wave of entrepreneurs for the state of Kentucky is evident after week one. We have extracted our teens from traditional learning environments, immersed them in a creative space and armed them with the tools needed to unleash their innate entrepreneurial spirits for the betterment of Kentucky. Check out highlights from week 1 of our program below!

Evening of Entrepreneurship 2018 hosted by GLI

Our young entrepreneurs mixed with the local startup community in Louisville, Kentucky at the annual Evening of Entrepreneurship, hosted by the Greater Louisville Inc. Not only did they apply critical networking skills, but they also were able to speak to and learn from some of the state's most notorious and successful entrepreneurs. Diane Hessan, a nationally known entrepreneur, was the keynote for the event and spoke to our teens directly, saying, "Whatever it is that you want to do, do it. Don't let your age determine what you can do - if that were the case, I wouldn't be on stage tonight."
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Guest Speakers

Visiting the Entrepreneurial Community

5Across hosted by Awesome Inc. and Alltech on Lexington Entrepreneurship Day (LED)

Attending a real pitch event, our teens watched and learned as they watched early stage entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to a panel of judges. In two weeks, they will do the same on Demo Day! Thanks to Alltech and Awesome Inc for inviting us to this event!
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The Lexington Farmers' Market

After researching and learning about their target demographic, we travelled to the Lexington Farmers' Market to talk to potential customers as part of the customer discovery and market analysis process!
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Newton's Attic at GSE

Newton's Attic brought a challenge this year! Our entrepreneurs were charged with designing, 3d printing, and attaching mechanisms to drones. After attached, they programmed the drone to drop the mechanism at several locations around campus. They're still talking about how hard - but also how awesome - it was!
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Demo Day 2018 is on July 14th!

Our Entrepreneurs work tirelessly over three weeks to apply all that they learn while with us. In two weeks, they will pitch their ideas live, on stage, to a panel of judges and an audience of over 400 people. We invite YOU to attend to see the transformation of our participants from students to entrepreneurs! RSVP below!
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Business Model Canvas Components of Week 1

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The Governor's School for Entrepreneurs

Igniting the Entrepreneurial Mindset of Kentucky Teens