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Join us in the Media Center on Tuesday @ 3:30 pm

Cognitive Processess Tutorial

This is a refresher's course for all 6th- 8th Teachers and anyone who is interested in learning about the six cognitive processes central to knowledge construction. Get ready for an afternoon filled with insightful information you can use in your classrooms.

The 6 Major Cognitive Processes

  • Selection - a means of determing what is important and what is not in the information a person chooses to process. LTM plays a critical role in this process.

  • Rehearsal - repeating something over and over in a short time period, which provides a way of maintaining information in working memory indefinitely.

  • Meaningful Learning - relating new information to knowledge already stored in your LTM. It also refers to understanding and comprehension and facilitates both storage and retrieval.

  • Internal Organization - storing new information more effectively with various pieces being interconnected in some way.

  • Elaboration - a process of learning more than the material presented.

  • Visual Imagery - mental "pictures" that capture how figures actually look.

Here's a Peak at What You Will Learn!

" Storing Information in Long-Term Memory and Retrieving It Later Can Be Tricky Business." Ormrod

"Internal Organization, Elaboration, and Visual Imagery involves combining new information with things already in long-term memory." Ormrod

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