European Country Discovery Project


Country Basics:

Country: Ireland

Capital: Dublin

Flag Colors: Green (catholics), Orange (protestants), White (peace between them)


Continent: In Europe, surrounded by Scotland, England, Jersey, and the Netherlands

Physical Features: Lakes, rivers, hills, and low mountains

Major Landmarks: Dublins St. Patricks Cathedral, The Cliffs of Moher, The Ring of Kerry, The Giants Caseway, and The Castles of Ireland

Major Bodies of Water: Cliff of Moher (sea, 700ft), River Shannon (longest river, 240 miles), other rivers- Finn, Lee, Slanely, and Nore

Human Environment Interaction: Farming, fishing, water, and marketing agricultural products.


Type of Government: Mostly Democracy and Republic

Leaders: Enda Kenny (Prime Minister), Michael D Higgins (2011), Mary McAleese (1997-2011), Mary Robinson (1990-1997)

How leaders are chosen: Presidents can be elected by people or returned if there are no candidates

Rights of the citizens: Irish Constitution, fundamental rights, vote in Irish elections, and serve on jury.


Rich or Poor nation?: Richest country in the European nation. Higher GDP than Germany

Type of Money: Euro. 1 Euro= 100c. Signs: €5, 10€

Main Imports/Exports: Chemical Products (20%), Machines (19%), Mineral Products (14%), Foodstuffs (8.4), Animal Products (5.6%), and Instruments (8.8%)

Life Expectancy, Birth Rate, Literacy Rate: 80 years, 99.0 2011 est,

: 14.4 babies born per 1,000 residents


Modern/Traditional Clothing: Knee-length socks with wool. Women wore undergarments covered with dresses. Men wore woolen jackets.

Major Languages: English and Irish

Major Holidays: (any other U.S holiday) like New Years, St Patrick's, Easter Monday, May Day, and Christmas

Religions: Main is Catholic

Popular Food item: Soda Bread with a crusty consistency. Made from whole wheat, flour, and buttermilk.


Average Yearly Temperature: 50⁰F

Average Yearly Rainfall: 750,1,000, 1,400, 2,000 mm (millimeters) per year

Effects the climate has on the country: Ireland gets a lot of rain meaning no deserts, makes the grass very green, and has many lakes and rivers


Invasions of Normans: 1169-1536 is the period when Ireland was attacked by the Normans and had a new king.

Compare and Contrast:


Language: Both Mainly Speaks English

Voting Age: 18


Government Type: Federal Republic & Republic

GDP: $16.8b & $232b

Currency: US Dollar & Euro