The AutoDresser!!

The best thing yet!

What is the Auto Dresser?

This machine is a little cubicle by SmithWorkz Inc. you can get installed in any corner of your house, and it dresses you for you! You step in, and the mechanical arms pull your clothes off and on you. This is really useful if you are running late, or just feeling lazy.

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Why should I buy this?

This is a good product to have in your house because it can save a lot of time in the morning. It has some really cool settings. Like if you put the clothes in the little slot in the back, it irons them for you, and can even make them smell like a bunch of cool smells. The best part is, only $250 to install.

More Information

- SmithWorkz Inc.

805 San Miguel Trail, Haslet Texas

-Call 1-800-DRESSER for free delivery!

-Text 345-544-6887 after a week after installation, give us some feedback for a free $50 iTunes